• Donkers Millwrighting Services Inc

A Solid Past. A Strong Future.

Our ability to diversify over the years has made Donkers competitive, capable and successful. Our constant willingness to take on new ventures has broadened our experience and product offering. We are constantly upgrading our skills in order to meet our customers’ evolving needs.

Established by Pete Donkers in 1989, Donkers Millwrighting Services Inc. has grown into a well-established company with a reputation for quality craftsmanship and service, especially in the steel industry.

Our goal has always been to exceed our customers’ needs, not their budget, and complete every job on-time or ahead of schedule. We are known for our project management and turnkey service: we provide complete service from early design to the completed product. With over 20 employees and a network of on-call electricians and craftspeople, we have the ability to fulfill the requirements of any project.

Our mission is to:
  • Produce products and offer services that meet your needs in design, quality and delivery.
  • Consistently treat customers and employees in an equitable and fair manner.
  • Engage employees in decision making and adapt to a participative style.
  • Provide job opportunities, training and job security for our employees.
  • Be adequately profitable in order to grow and meet future challenges.

While we are located in St. George, ON, we service clients across Canada and the United States. Visit Our Services to see our projects and capabilities firsthand.